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Body Treatments

Buddha Body Scrub

This invigorating treatment uses sugar to deeply exfoliate and refine your skin

leaving your skin soft and hydrated. Followed by a shower with an organic rinse. Also, a gental massage of nourishing coconut & shea butter

90 min/$125


Seaweed Detox Wrap

Following a detoxifying body exfoliation with algae particles, a rich seaweed self-healing mud is applied to the body. The mud is then wrapped to retain the heat and aid the skin in absorbing the active elements.

90 min/$99


Zen Body Treatment (Volcanic Mud)

Volcanic Mud Masque-Volcanic Mud is a unique formula designed to regenerate your skin with powerful exfoliants and with essential minerals, vitamins and botanical extracts that maximize skin nourishment while giving your skin the natural moisture it needs. Followed by a shower with an organic rinse. Also, a gentle massage of orgainic coconut oil.

90 min/$135


Mineral Masque Concentrate (Dead Sea Mud)

Facial and Body Mineral Masque is a special blend of Dead Sea mud with botanical extracts and essential oils. Helps to maximize elimination of skin impurities while nourishing and balancing with vital minerals helps prevent premature aging. Followed by a shower with an organic rinse. Also, a gental massage of nourishing cream.

90 min/$125


Anti-Aging Body Wrap/ Mask.

Experience the healing, soothing and rejuvenating properties of rich minerals infused with the benefits of antioxidants.  Begin by smoothing dry & dull skin with invigorating pumpkin peel.  Finished with a volcanic ash mud enriched with minerals.  Followed by laying in soothing inferred sauna heated blanket for 30 mins. Inferred heat is great for, boosting the immune system against
free radicals ( cancer causing agents), sore mussels and joints, dry skin, fibromyalgia, blood circulation, healing and gets rid of toxins. ( great way to cure hang overs ;)

Benefits:  Smooth the appearance of rough, dehydrated skin and wrinkles all over the body while
infusing hydration into the skin. Improves skin tone and texture while protecting the skin against free radicals and stress.

80 mins./ 130.00


Blemish-Fighting Anti-Aging Back Treatment

This deep cleaning, exfoliating, and clarifying back treatment will help eliminate back acne and revitalize dull skin with acne -fighting and age-defying antioxidants. Pumpkin peel fallowed by a hydrating soothing aloe & Shea butter mask.   Extraction included.  Help retain balance and moisture.  Improves skin tone and texture.

80 mins/ 99.00