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Swedish Massage

The most popular massage for increasing circulation, reducing stress, and relieving pain and tension.

Highly recommended for those getting their first massage.

60 min/ $85  90 min/$145


Deep Tissue

A massage treatment for those familiar with massage and for those who request a deeper, firmer therapy.

35 min/$75  60 min/$145


Neck, Back and Shoulder Massage

Perfect for our guest who are pressed for time, or have specific high-tension areas that require specific attention.

35 min/$75  60 min/$145


Spa Reflexology

Compression is used on specific points on the feel that correspond to individual organs and specific areas of the body.

60 min/ $85


Peppermint Foot Therapy

Perfect for those who are foot connoisseurs. The feet are wrapped in hot peppermint towels followed by a blycolic foot massage.

45 min/$65


Zen Massage

A relaxing full body Swedish massage that uses an exfoliant to help remove dry, dead skin. Leaving your body feeling smooth and refreshed followed by showering with an organic rinse.

90 min/$125


Thai Massage

This 2,500 year-old healing tradition is similar to that of assorted yoga. Thai massage adjusts and realigns the body through a series of deep tissue compressions.

60 min/$80  90/min/$110


Stone Massage

This light-pressure therapy combines traditional Swedish massage with use of warm, polished basalt stones strategically placed on the body to promote circulation.

90 min/$90