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About Zen Orchid Skin Care

Let me introduce myself, my name is Charlotte Gelastopoulos. I am the founder and owner of 'Zen Orchid Skin Care.'

I want YOU to have the best personal Facial care, body treatments & retreat experience with my company. It's not a Spa, or Solon, it's a Retreat! You can get away from it all or just escape for a short period of time and feel like you've been gone for a day or two...

I was thrilled to find myself opening a business to help others in a way that could enrich their lives. As human beings, we tend to extend ourselves every day, and no time to give back to one self. Vacations can be costly, but a small, simple splurge can help embrace harmony and balance that can be quite rewarding without leaving for a lengthy time away or pay over priced hotels and airfares.

My location is everything! It is like a retreat the moment you leave your car and return. It is located at the base of Cowles Mountain, in San Carlos, San Diego. Across the street you can find yourself hiking a trail to the top and catch a view of the heaven's hazel eye, and sunsets that leaves you feeling you're standing before a painting at an art museum. On a clear day you can see all the way to the Pacific Ocean. Then, once your memories and views are satisfied, come see the open care of relaxation. Which is perfect, towards the end of a perfect blissful day. I am pleasingly located across the street 7290 Navajo rd & Golf crest, # 209, San Diego. (619) 851-2323.

The building I chose to place my business is a very special. Once you enter my retreat, you are welcomed by me, Charlotte in a "Rustic Zen" setting. Waiting in the hallway, you will feel the healing right away with a 98 year old, Cambodian Buddha. Hand carved out of a huge simple river stone, with relaxing, soothing, warming candles to calm you. When I found the Buddha, I couldn't resist adding it to the surroundings. "I truly believe, it found me". You too will feel the healing and tranquility immediately.

The reception room awaits your arrival, with a cup of fresh, purification tea in hand. Soon, you will find yourself sitting in a forming, smooth, sturdy chair. As you relax and let the sensations fill your mind, I your esthetician will humbly await for you. With all the latest equipment, I will assure you that you shall receive the best quality care. You will receive the correct skin analysis and the perfect treatment for your skin condition and or type. With the right therapeutic touch, you will find yourself drifting away into peace and heaven's gauze. This unique experience of technique and surroundings will have you at a peaceful state of mind the moment you walk in.

I am proud to offer you all the latest Facial Treatments, the Best Natural Ingredients I can find, and soothing techniques for the mind and body. With Quality in mind, I care but nothing but the best for you.

I offer Saian Skin products which ranges from; Oily, Normal (combination; sensitive), Dry, Hormonal, Acne, Wrinkles, Roseaisha and Sunspot Skin- Types. Take home an Enzyme to clear up Sun Spots! Ask about my Non-Surgical Face Lift which lifts the jaw-line without down time and without pain. Get Immediate Results! All of our procedures are Non-Invasive. Enjoy a soothing Leg & Foot masque to help increase circulation with 2 types of clays with healing properties .

"I take pride in what I have to offer you and my work". Come in Revive, Rejuvenate, Re-new.

Yours Truly, Zen Orchid Skin Care